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On May 12, 2024, the watch collector community and Formula 1 fans gathered at Sotheby’s in Geneva, Switzerland, for Michael Schumacher’s Watch Auction, a unique event featuring 55 watches owned by the legendary Michael Schumacher.

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Michael schumacher - car showroom

The event was a tribute to Schumacher’s legacy and a celebration of his passion for watches. All proceeds will go to the Schumacher Family Foundation, supporting charitable causes.

The auction was attended by a mix of watch collectors, Formula 1 enthusiasts, and celebrities, making it a star-studded event.

  • Watch Collectors: Renowned collectors from the USA, Europe, and Asia attended, eager to acquire rare timepieces from Schumacher’s collection.
  • Formula 1 Enthusiasts: Fans, including former drivers and team principals, attended to pay tribute to Schumacher’s legacy and bid on his watches.
  • Celebrities: Actor and watch collector John Travolta and musician Jay-Z were spotted, adding glamour and excitement to the event.

Highlights from Michael Schumacher’s Watch Auction:

  • A rare Patek Philippe Ref. 5016A-010 watch sold for $296,000 (approximately R4.9 million).
  • A unique Louis Vuitton Tambour watch, designed specifically for Schumacher, sold for $60,000 (approximately R990,000).
  • A collection of 19 Formula 1-themed watches, each representing one of Schumacher’s Grand Prix victories, sold for a total of $200,000 (approximately R3.3 million).

Michael Schumacher’s watch auction was a huge success! Attendees celebrated the Formula 1 legend’s passion for watches and supported a noble cause.

The auction raised $6.2 million (R103 million) for the Schumacher Family Foundation’s charitable initiatives.

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