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2023 any Action plan on your side ? My imagination

The man who created the Mini was born in Izmir. Mini was born out of necessity. The 1950s oil shortages and King Farouk of Egypt’s decision for wanting a total and immediate evacuation of troops from British from the Suez Canal zone.

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British Troops have occupied that Zone since the world war 2 ended.

Iran’s decision to have total control and power over its oil industry.

Fuel shortages in 1957 , Sir Leonard Lord Of Morris Company wanted a small car , but he hated all the small cars on the road at those times. They looked all like bubble cars . He wanted something small and practical and good looking.

He wanted it very fast, he put all projects on hold and concentrated on the need for a small car he gave this enormous task to none other than Issigonis and gave him total control and full authority to create a master piece in a very short space of time possible .

Issigonis worked the idea through until he came out with an idea with what we call Mini Today.

Issigonis was brought back to Bmc to create a new medium sized family car to replace the ageing Austin Cambridge. The brief Sir Leonard Lord gave Issigonis was to design a car smaller than the Minor with maximum passenger space in the smallest possible vehicle.

Four fully – sized people must be able to fit , it had to be compact , super economical and super affordable.

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