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Sandton The richest square mile in Africa , our Dealership was situated right across the Johannesburg stock exchange , just a block away from The Hilton hotel , across the road from Taboo nightclub. We were in the heart of it all.


“Aston Martin, Rolls Royce , Ducati,MINI ,BMW those were the brands we represented All these brands are premium. Does anyone in here understand what premium means ? Premium is blue chip okay u understand? U need to look premium u need to smell premium when you open your mouth u need to be premium”. Those were the words from our new boss [ The Billionaire Boss] for the sake of space I will refer to him as [ TBB]..

” Raise your hands if you have ever made a million”. Everyone in the meeting looked around none of the sales people in the room lifted their hands….” THIS IS BAD VERY REALLY BAD HE SAID…So u telling me you oaks don’t know how to sell huh????

This was early 2009 a couple of Months away from the kick off for the FIFA 2010 soccer world cup, the whole dealership was was being renovated. New boom gates , new drive way , The Rolls Royce Floor was being moved to a different space of the dealership. The was dust every where. TBB told us if I see you coughing coz of this dust you are out means you are weak. If you ever come to my sales meeting without an invoiced deal in the next 7 days are fired it means u not an OPERATOR…Ladies and Gents the word OPERATOR was mentioned minimum 25 times in every sales meeting.

“U see me IAM Billionaire , I run blue chip organisations , we bought into this dealership coz we like the offices …Cars are a hobby to us…This job is your life to me this company is a hobby . I make money while I fuck my wife. While I take a shit I make money . This for you guys is about your lives and lively hood for me it’s about my Hobby.

From that moment onwards I knew it’s on. I was blown away I kept on smiling I was like i like this oak. I was not worried about making targets I smash targets for a living I was just taken a back by his sheer straight talk… a sleeping giant inside of me woke up…I just told myself onwards I have to be this rich…I have interacted with whole lot of rich people in my life but not at this level. TBB was on another level.

“The car business is my Hobby”

True to his word after 7 days half of the sales force was fired ….only 6 of us came into the Sales meeting with invoiced deals , meaning customer has either paid cash or you have opened a file and your file has a stock number , you have a cost sheet to show how much does the vehicle owe the dealership, podium [Vehicle finance approval the amount the customer has been approved for with all the terms of the deal i.e Interest, etc], all your file must have been sighted by an Fni (Finance & insurance manager). Meaning that the fni has spoken to the client the contracts are ready , even better the client has signed the contract and the vehicle is either ready to be delivered or u still running around making sure the tracker is fitted or the vehicle is in the que downstairs at the works shop ready for a delivery inspection.

In other words invoiced means TBB wants to know how much money have you made for his hobby.

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