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South Africa will finally be removed from the United Kingdom’s restrictive red list which has prohibited travelling between the two countries since May. The delisting will be effective from today, the UK’s Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps announced on Thursday evening. Countries such as the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela are the only countries which will remain on the red list. Previously, the only nationals which were allowed to enter the UK from the red listed South Africa were the British and the Irish people with residence rights in the UK, but they were subjected to a compulsory ten-day quarantine in a hotel which is managed by the state and they had to cover the costs on their own, regardless of their vaccination status which in return affected the tourism sector which was already embattled for South Africans.

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The estimation of the amount the economy of South Africa lost was approximately R790 million every month when the country was still on the red list according to the World Travel& Tourism Council. It has been mentioned countless times that the UK has traditionally been South Africa’s biggest source of international tourists and there is a slight relief currently for South Africa for the tourism industry and perhaps the economy will pick up from what it was these past few months, but only fully vaccinated South Africans can travel out of the country for other countries to refrain from acquiring a high volume of Covid-19 infections and they do not have to vaccinate again in other countries.

For those who have not been unvaccinated yet the information provided for their group was quite simple, they can enter in the UK but they will have to quarantine at their place of accommodation or their homes for ten days, and soon enough South Africans will be utilising their vaccination cards which will be finalised soon.

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