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To purchase new or to go used vehicle , what are the things to consider before signing on the dotted line .

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Are you purchasing cash or you purchasing via the banks? Both options have their advantages but in these economic climate and during covid pandemic which options make sense to both your pocket and future , as we all know a vehicle is a depreciating “asset”. So you need to spend alot of time and do research on which option to go with.

Most dealerships have demo model (new vehicle with under 10000km) most of the time being used by the staff of the organisation. Demos are a great option but in most instances they cost R20 000 less that a brand new vehicle. The vehicle would have had it’s 1st maintenance service done probably at 15000km depending on the brand you opt for.

Covid has made most employees work from home and that has forced alot of households to relook into their finances and do a very much needed needs analysis on their current state of affairs in terms of vehicle choice and even house of choice. Most consumers have realised that they don’t need all the bells and whistles but just plain simple , practical and in most cases something small and budget friendly especially on gas.

So what are the most important items to have on your shopping list , Car safety , price , style and affordability? Tell me what are the items that are high on your list of things you consider before you decide in which vehicle you decide?

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