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South Africans who would like to get international driving permits can now make applications at the VFS Global (Visa Facilitation Services Global) application branches in prominent capital cities in the country namely Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

It has been reported that VFS Global has been working with the Department of Home Affairs as an outsourced technology services company to help speed up the process of applications for visas and passports through two ways:their website and the available offices.

VFS Global also provides aid for the administrative process and payments,the documentation is delivered once it has been processed.

As supervised by the United Nations(UN), an international driving permit allows qualified applicants to drive vehicles in foreign countries which can be advantageous in terms of pinpointing a driver to offer assistance.

International driving permits are valid in more than 150 countries globally (out of 195 countries).The permit comprises of your name, photo and driver information in multifarious languages, which can be interpreted by the local officials and authorities of the countries you are planning to visit in the near future.

The International Driving Permit can only be obtained from the country of your driving licence(country of birth),and the extension into international services follows previous moves by VFS Global to work with the Department of Home Affairs.

A while ago the department said that it plans to expand the visa facilitation services to countries where there are a high number of South African people.

The group is currently piloting or testing a new system where South African nationals can visit a VFS Global centre in the UK(United Kingdom) to renew their South African passports.

“Since its launch, the turnaround times for passport issuance have reduced from six to twelve months to one month,” said the home affairs Minister Dr. Pakishe Aaron Motsaoledi.

Motsoaledi also mentioned that the department now plans to extend the system into countries such as New Zealand;Australia;The United Arab Emirates(UAE);France; and
The United States of America (USA).

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