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To Jab or not to Jab

The third wave began in early June this year and the government was strategic in terms of creating a vaccination programme for the educators since school days have been reduced due to Covid-19. South Africa as a country is still facing the third wave and many lives have been taken for the past three months and others are infected (in the process of quarantining). The Delta variant is the current variant which is the cause of all the deaths during the third wave, whilst the health department is trying by all means to curb the virus and the healthcare workers work tirelessly day in day out.

The vaccination programme started on Friday the 20th of August for all individuals above the age of 18 and hopefully the infections will slow down. It has been proven statistically that so far more females have been vaccinated more than males, and the health department is worried about this issue since the programme is available for both genders although it has been mentioned before that it is not mandatory and no one will be forced to be vaccinated for the virus. Nonetheless, both genders are still urged to vaccinate before the end of this year, whilst the government plans ahead for 2022. According to scientists and experts the 4th wave should be expected to hit in South Africa during the 1st week of December, and numerous Grade 1 learners for 2022 are also expected to be vaccinated with the assistance of parents before primary schools resume in January 2022. Now we all know that the fourth wave is coming and we might lose our loved ones continuously at the blink of an eye and the ball is in our court in terms of us vaccinating and protecting the lives of everyone who surrounds us (e.g work and school) and it will be a win-win situation, because it will also untighten the ropes a bit for the health department and the healthcare workers since they have a lot on their plate already.

1 vaccinated person could save a lot of lives.




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