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Liria Menina Vilanculos is the face behind ‘Nina caked it’. The love for food stems from a loving environment, whereby her family spent most of their time in the kitchen. The inspiration grew enormously when she challenged herself by making quick treats and receiving compliments from her family and friends, and she could not stop licking her fingers whilst preparing the meals. From a tender age Menina knew what she was destined to be in the future… ‘’being a chef obviously’’ (giggles). ‘‘Nina caked it’’ was operational from March in 2018 when a friend asked Menina politely to bake a cake and cupcakes for his younger sister, and they had a consensus that Nina would be compensated for her hard work which gave Miss Vilanculos the extra push to start a cake business in order for her to reach her full potential. According to our cake expert a single cake should take 4 hours to complete, but due to the lack of resources (which will be available soon since the business is in the process of expansion). Nina completes a single cake in 8-10 hours which depends on the size and design which the customer has requested for once the deposit has been paid up. Obstacles were encountered during the pandemic, because the target market comprises of individuals who are currently unemployed. Gatherings such as weddings and parties are prohibited, therefore people might not need well decorated cakes, and as the situation gets worsened due to the loss of jobs people have decided to start selling cakes at home at affordable prices to earn a living which makes Menina their rival in the cake business. The business was evaluated and there is a need for improvement in terms of getting a spacious workplace with a gigantic oven and glass display for cakes and other foods which fall under the pastry category which will be sold every single day. The ultimate goal for Miss Vilanculos is having the ability to re-tell positive stories to her potential customers through customised baked products by assisting them to express the way they feel about her sweet treats. What makes ‘Nina caked it’ unique is the name, because all the cakes which have been baked so far have distinguished stories (so much love and passion goes into each and every cake). ‘Nina’ personally feels as if cakes symbolise growth and representation of different personalities. Learning how to bake cakes was a fun process. An interesting fact is that Miss Vilanculos studied Professional Cookery and Kitchen Management at the International Hotel School (IHS) after high school where she learnt how to be ‘hands on’ by conquering extreme pressure in a heated kitchen for her practicals. To add on the experience Nina watches a lot of videos online to get more inspiration because modern cakes always have a twist every now and then which fascinates her and she strives to improve her creative skills, and lastly Menina received outstanding support from her mother who taught her how to hold a whisk, grease a pan and gave her a few tips on how to make her cakes unique for instance. The advice given to anyone who would like to open a confectionery one day is that ‘‘there is no greater force than passion, all you need is passion for what you want to do and the rest will be directed by the force of that passion’’. Facebook: Bites_delight1 Website link for orders:

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