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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika, [Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English.]

Karen Horney who was a American psychoanalyst that originated from Germany joined the likes of Sigmund Freud also known as “The father of the psychoanalysis”.Psychoanalysts focused on the needs of children who need to become good parents in the future.Ā 

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Horney emphasized that the role of parents shape the personalities (how they act,think and behave in simpler terms)of their children.She regarded the child’s most basic needs to be non-sexual love,acceptance,respect and care.If the mentioned needs are met the child will feel emotionally safe and secure at home.

However,if parents do not nurture and care for all their children,and instead neglect,demean or abuse them repeatedly profoundly undermines a child’s sense of psychological security in the world.

Then,Horney proposed the term “basic evil” which provides a description of damaged parental behaviour with the inclusion of different bad things which hurts children in return such as:

indifference,rejection,hostility,preferential,treatment of siblings,unfair punishment,humiliation,ridicule,and countless unkept promises. 

The above mentioned are factors which parents should refrain from. 

Another issue at hand in association to the topic in this article is that some children are raised by single mothers,although their fathers are still alive.Mothers need to be transparent,and tell them who their fathers are to avoid the search for fathers after their mothers have passed on by attempting to seek for a sense of belonging,in addition it is recommended that mothers should provide all the love and care children need,and discipline them to teach them about their rights and wrongs.

As an aunt of 3 nephews and 1 niece who are raised by single mothers, I have discovered that love,care and support from their aunt, mothers and maternal grandparents is adequate for them to feel safe and secure,and at the same time their grandfather is viewed as a male figure  in their lives who attempts to close the gap of their absent fathers.




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