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Stars were born at the Tokyo Olympics

The Olympic Games occur every four years and athletes have ample time to prepare themselves in order for them to represent their countries really well. All athletes are distinctive in their own way and one cannot predict the outcome of the Olympic Games. At the capital of Japan the likes of Akani Simbine (male sprinter) and Tatjana Schoenmaker (female swimmer) have made Mzansi proud against all odds. The article is dedicated to Akani and Tatjana. As cliché as it may sound (‘‘ladies first’’). We will unravel Tatjana’s accolades first. On one hand, Tatjana Schoenmaker was born on the 9th of July 1997 in Johannesburg and she is well-known for being an expert in breaststroke events in terms of being a swimmer. About a week ago in one of the swimming events for females Tatjana managed to receive a gold medal for the 200m breast. After the event Tatjana looked perplexed due to her victory whilst she was still in the pool drenching wet after she received a silver medal for the previous 100m swimming event.

Miss Schoenmaker broke the world record five seconds earlier than the record time from 2013, and it has been mentioned on broadcasting channels in the country that she is the best swimmer since the discovery of Penny Heyns who happened to be a good swimmer until the late nineties. Tatjana’s achievement is something South African citizens will never stop discoursing about until the next Olympic Games which are scheduled at first to take place in 2024.

On the other hand, Akani Simbine was born on the 21st of September 1993 in Kempton Park. Akani is one of the best sprinters that the country has. Akani came out first for the men’s 100m race for Round 1 on Saturday the 31st of July although he came out fourth in the final which we consider as an achievement for attempting to represent our country. Akani has received medals for the Commonwealth Games and African championships previously, because he never ceases to amaze us a whole.

Many individuals have mentioned the fact that he might have been victorious since his rival Usain Bolt from Jamaica has retired from being an athlete in 2017. Nonetheless, we are proud of all the individuals who qualify to represent South Africa at the Olympic Games even if they fail to get gold medals.

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