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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts In Psychology and English]

Individuals have unique personalities in various societies,but unfortunately their personalities clash with the personalities of other individuals.In this article our main focus is the idea of individuals pretending or letting others know that they do not like them.

According to those who understand communication science in a broad manner they suggest that communication is successful when the right tone is utilised to avoid hurting other people.

I can affirm to the previous statement,because those who pretend in the presence of people they do not like have already thought about the idea of being mean.

I recommend that some conversations should be done privately in such a way that people are enabled to express the way they feel in a polite manner,instead of doing it in public which many result in the other individual feeling hurt in front of others.

I personally feel as if they should know whether others like them or not to avoid gossip when they are not around,and to act normal around those people,because life should move on.

Moreover,Deep Patel suggested the ways which successful people can use to deal with people they do not like:
1.Letting go
2.Focusing on healthy ways of communicating
3.Practicing civility
4.Sidestep when possible
5.Faking it till you make it
6.Being mindful of your emotions
7.Putting a positive spin on it
8.Finding common ground as mentioned before
9.Recognizing the value in differing opinions
10.Taking a good look in the mirror
11.Finding your circle of trust,and
12.Focusing on yourself more.

Keep in mind that not everybody will like you in society,and that is socially accepted,therefore people should focus more on their lives.

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