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According to the company that produces the Pfizer vaccines they have recommended a booster dose which is safe and effective at warding off the virus and new variants. The company has checked the data of the Pfizer vaccine and it was discovered that in the United States of America and Israel that the efficacy of the vaccine wanes over time.

The data was organised for a meeting last week Friday and the panel was expected to make recommendations for whether more Americans should receive booster shots or not, because in Israel and USA they suggested that the rates of the current infections increase daily in individuals who were vaccinated earlier this year and the previous year. The company mentioned in their previous presentation which was published on the FDA website that the drug giant is partnering with Germany’s BioNTech to make the shots. Data demonstrates that the vaccines wanes after 6 to 8 months against the current Delta variant.

The decrease in the effectiveness of the vaccine is due to the weakening of vaccine immune responses over time rather than the Delta variant as it was mentioned in the presentation. Since vaccine boosters might be produced soon it has not been mentioned yet if other continents such as Africa should start considering to purchase vaccine boosters and ensuring that there is a budget for the boosters.

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