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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English.]

According to Sigmund Freud’s ideology of the first topography the mind consists of the conscious part which contains things which we are aware of,the unconscious part which contains things we are unaware of,and the preconscious part which is in between of the unconscious and conscious part and contains thoughts, memories and ideas you can remember.

In brief,phones are devices which occupy the unconscious part of the brain, because we are unaware of the multiple dangers phones bring to the relationships we attempt to form with our partners.

In our current generation it is easy to communicate with your partner,but sometimes we might be spending too many hours on our phones which results in our partners not receiving enough attention.

I recommend that after a long day of work couples should attempt to spend less time on their phones to create a communication platform to ask each other about how the day was,or to open up about certain things which they are unhappy about in the relationship.

Although people love each other,invasion of privacy may be an issue in relation to cellphones,and it is proposed that partners should not touch their significant other’s phone to avoid trust issues which breaks a lot of healthy relationships.

Another issue I have determined is that females like to be posted by their partners on social media,at the same time they fail to convey the message to their partners in a polite way.

The courtship stage began with plenty conversations,therefore when shit hits the fan couples should be able to resolve issues by talking,for the other partner to understand their feelings and their perspective on certain things,instead of fighting on phone calls and text messages, in addition face-to-face interaction involves more respect and true facial expressions of how your partner feels.

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