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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English].

It is quite easy for parents to purchase smart phones for their children especially when they become teens,but individuals still don’t comprehend that smart phones can ruin their lives.In this article we will be tackling the do’s and dont’s of using smartphones.

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Phone tips


1.Download a bank app/s and decrease your tapping limit.

2.Download a voice recording app for calls (you might need evidence). 

3.Install a tracking app to track your children’s whereabouts. 

4.Make sure that you have an active email address. 

5.Females should download a Period Tracking App. 

6.Create a personal diary on your notepad found on your phone to keep track of things you need to do for the day.

7.Ensure that your social media accounts have a two step authentication code.

8.Add only your close family members and friends on whatsapp…colleagues should be called or an email can be sent for communication. 

9.Students should download a study timer app to focus on studying for a specific time. 

10.If you like games download games such as word puzzles and scrambling games to keep yourself busy and to keep your brain active. 


1.Refrain from providing your followers with information regarding your location. 

2.Do not choose an easy password for your social media accounts. 

3.Do not respond to texts including information about investments and texts with links to avoid being hacked. 

4.Do not entertain calls which require your personal information.

5.Do not post information which is not factual to avoid being sued by others. 

6.Do not delete your smses. 

7.Do not touch your phone during family time. 

8.Do not make it a habit of using contract insured phones and claiming annually for a lost phone to avoid a bad credit record which insurance companies overlook.

9.Do not charge your phone for more than two hours to save the battery life. 

10.Do not accept cookies on the internet. 

Although individuals interact with others and learn from one another smart phones can be detrimental to their mental health,and remember that any activity done on the phone can be unravelled any day. 

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