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Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli was founded in Milan 1872. Today it stands as a global brand known for its cutting edge technology,high end production excellence and passion for Innovation that draws heavily in its Italian roots🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹.

Italy style icon.
  • 19 Production plants in 12 countries.
  • Commercial presence in over 160 countries .
  • 31600 employees
  • 2019 Turnover of about 5.3 billion Uero
  • Services and Associated with consumer tyre market which includes Cars, motorcycle and Bicycles.
  • 93% cars ,7% motorcycles .

Competition “Tier1” manufacturers

Pirelli tyres used by F1 racing cars

The origin of Pirelli dates back to to 1872 the year Giovanni Battista Pirelli founded a limited partnership” GB Pirelli & C” in Milan to produce elastic rubber items . GB Pirelli & C was liquidated and Pirelli & C a limited shares partnership was established in 1873 , the 1st plant for production of rubber items was built in Milano later,the rubber band production line carriages was started in 1885 and the 1st tyre for velocides was launched (1894)which resulted from a number of innovations in preparation of Materials and manufacture of tyres.

In 1901 the production of car tyres began which was coupled with growth specifically based on two major factors : CARE FOR TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT OF PROCESSES & PRODUCTS AND THE SUPPORT OF AN ONGOING COMMITMENT IN RACING & STRONG GEOGRAPHIC EXPANSION.

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