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RSA Parliament building on fire

The devastating parliament fire in South Africa is under control which, and the oldest part of the building was erected in 1884. The fire began on Monday morning and fire-fighters tried to contain the fire, but the blaze caused extensive damage and the roof of the old building could not survive, the authorities in the country mentioned.

The spokesman Jermaine Carelse confirmed that the fire was brought under control during the night, and the new part of the building will not be used for months. Reportedly on the news, a 49-year-old man was detained in connection with the blaze and the authorities have opened a criminal investigation. However, the authorities did not immediately confirm that the blaze was caused by arson, therefore the unknown suspect was set to appear before court on Tuesday the 4th of January 2022. The spokesperson Nomthandazo Mbambo told the eNCA that the suspect might have gained entrance through the window in one of the offices, and added that authorities focused on how the suspect had managed to evade the security, as a result of security guards not being on duty on Sunday.

Since parliament is a venue where politicians meet to discuss issues which affect individuals in the country, it will be quite uneasy for them to meet. Apparently on the news it was mentioned that the library in the building is fireproof and it is one of the parts which have not been damaged fortunately, and the citizens are probably wondering whether the alleged suspect was sent by someone to burn the building.



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