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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English].

Pregnancy How Do I Fall Pregnant?

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The title of the article is a frequently asked question by females when they are ready to be mothers,and in this article a discussion of the do’s and dont’s in relation to pregnancy will be discussed.

First things first,women are encouraged to go for a fertility check-up with their partners before they consider starting a family of their own. 

Secondly,both partners should acknowledge the fact that their lifestyle has to be altered into a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy food (fruits and vegetables),but avoid pineapples which is recommended by experts,exercising, refraining from stress,smoking and drinking.

Women should boost their fertility 3 months in advance with pills recommended by their doctor,and

they should also stop taking contraceptives which take longer to leave the body.

Both partners should be patient,in addition women should track their ovulation period which occurs day 8-14 of their menstrual cycle monthly when the egg is released. 

Regular check-ups with the doctor are also highly recommended especially if the couple has experienced a miscarriage or they have been trying to conceive naturally for ages. 

Buying multiple pregnancy tests is not a good tool to test pregnancy in my opinion,reason being it could result into high levels of stress when all the tests are negative,instead women should familiarize themselves with the symptoms of pregnancy instead. 

The symptoms of pregnancy include feeling nauseous,back problems,vomiting,fatique,missed periods,increased urination,swollen breasts,stomach cramps,moodiness,bloating,implantational bleeding once the blastocyst has been attached to the endometrium,constipation nasal congestion,and sensitivity in terms of odours and sense of taste. 

If the above mentioned symptoms are evident then women can communicate with their doctors and go for a check-up.Doctors are professionally trained to deal with pregnancy,therefore being curious and asking many questions could help in the process. 

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