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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English. ]

Procrastination has delayed many dreams and goals and personally I feel as if people need to learn more about their capabilities and work ahead.

Procrastination occurs when individuals get lazy or they give up when they feel as if they cannot find solutions to their problems.

Procrastination is a disease and can be cured.Individuals need to jot down all the tasks they need to complete weekly and monthly and once the tasks are complete they can tick on their list.

The most important tips people should follow to get over procrastination as soon as possible are:

1. Forgiving yourself for procrastinating in the past for them to be able to move around.

2. Promise yourself a reward after completing any certain task.

3. Commit to the task and put all your effort in to avoid regrets (do not complete the task for the sake of completing it).

4. Ask someone to check up on you (for example a mentor)after completing your tasks for you to give you the extra push to continue completing your tasks on time.

5. Minimize distractions at all times and keep your goal in mind.

6. Fill your day with low-priority tasks to lower the pressure.

7. Take as many short breaks as you can.

8. Get enough rest (8 hours of sleep at least).

9. Reduce anxiety.

10. Get rid of daily routines to stop doing tasks or chores in a timely manner.

All in all tasks should be completed on time,because there is a high possibility of making countless errors when you have to complete tasks in a short period of time.

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