Mercedes Benz Cla 45 AMG , AMG Cla250 , 2014 – 2019 , Mercedes Benz Gla 250 , Gla 45

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For Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG CLA250 2014~2019, for Mercedes-Benz GLA250 GLA45 AMG 2015~2018, for Mercedes-Benz B250e 2016~2017,for Mercedes-Benz B Electric Drive 2014~2015.
Part Number: 2469059402 2465400417.
Made of high quality plastic material, professional manufacturing, lightweight, high accuracy and durable.
The sensor provides this speed information to the antilock brake control module for the antilock braking function.
Use Position:Rear Left or Right. Easy to install, A direct replacement for the old or broken one.


for Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG CLA250 2014~2019
for Mercedes-Benz GLA250 GLA45 AMG 2015~2018
for Mercedes-Benz B250e 2016~2017
for Mercedes-Benz B Electric Drive 2014~2015

Voltage: 12 (V)

Size Chart:


Package Includes:

1 Piece Wheel Speed Sensor