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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English.]

It is easy to start a relationship when the butterflies still fill up your stomach,also a new relationship keeps you smiling at all times when you think about your new partner without thinking about the negative events that you might foresee in the relationship. 

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In the beginning,the honeymoon phase which ranges from 3 months to a year has a lot of positive events which occur during the relationship.

After the honeymoon phase partners start learning more about each other in relation to factors such as likes and dislikes,and their personalities in general,and it is also the phase when problems start to arise such as snoring or the other partner being talkative,for instance.

In this article we will be discussing briefly about negative events also known as “red flags” in a relationship.

1st flag : Any form of abuse whether it is verbally,emotionally,physically or sexually.

2nd flag : The level of communication decreasing indicates less interest. 

3rd flag : Weird posts which could be related to events which are occurring in the relationship.

4th flag : Punishment in terms of sex when it gets rougher by the day.

5th flag : More time spent with imaginary “friends” supposedly. 

6th flag : Self-centered partner .

7th flag : Comparison of the partner to individuals in the same gender(for example,”some men buy their girlfriends flowers,and give them money”. 

9th flag-Not being able to reach your partner,and when they reply they come up with unreasonable excuses. 

8th flag: Dating sites found on your partner’s phone,for example Tinder/Badoo. 

10th flag : The most important one which occurs frequently in relation to forgiveness and manners…If your partner cannot say Thank you/Please/I’m sorry,then end the relationship if it has been addressed and there is no change.

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