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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English].

Individuals in my context do not know which relevant questions to ask in order for them to acquire knowledge about their partners which is quite tricky for both genders.

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Social psychology as one of the parts of psychology focuses on the behaviours of individuals in different societies and their backgrounds which I have acquired adequate knowledge about.

Individuals need to comprehend that their partners grew up in different families with contrasting social issues which were not dealt with from the childhood stage,hence all individuals should try and meet up with their family members,at the same time they need to get adequate insight about the family by observing them.

In terms of behaviour,behaviourists believed that behaviour can be adapted,hence individuals have to also meet people who spend time with their partners which is imperative according to my knowledge. 

The most salient information is also doing research on the chronic diseases which have affected the family members (living and dead) to get an idea of possible diagnoses of their children in the future. 

Remember Freud also mentioned that our different experiences from childhood affects our lives in the future,therefore individuals need to discover how their partners grew up for them to have the ability to approach certain topics in an appropriate manner. 

Due to my experience of relationships,although some individuals do not want to talk about their exes,it helps the other person in the relationship to get a clear picture of what they experienced which in return affects their current behaviour in the relationship,and with proper love and care they could become loving individuals again. 

The final step of ‘getting to know more’ about your partner is asking them about their likes and dislikes,and most importantly which goals they would like to achieve in the long run. 

Relationships are a learning curve,however in closing the duration of the relationship does not matter because partners need to be willing to acquire more information every single day to build a durable relationship filled with love and understanding. 

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