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Online Driver’s licence renewal

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) says that civil society groups have misinterpreted proposed vehicle licence fees gazetted in newspapers last week. The Automobile Association (AA), and civil action group Outa published statements on Tuesday the 7th of September disapproving the proposals for including a R250 online booking only excluding the fee that needs to be paid to renew your licence.

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Meanwhile Outa called the proposals a money making scheme with the intention of extorting the money of all the motorists. However the response of the RTMC is clearly stated that the R250 is similar to the fee which is charged to motorists apply for a new card, to simplify the issue further nothing has been altered in terms of the price motorists have to pay. The only difference to previous y isears is that any motorist can pay for their booking online, instead of paying cash at the testing department since Covid-19 restricts many individuals going on the same day and the end of the era for the virus is unknown currently.

Online Licence renewals

Transaction fees have remained unchanged at R72 and R250 is only paid when applying for a new card, and motorists should bare in mind that no walk-ins are permitted, because the department expects a certain number of motorists whom have applied online every single day to avoid large numbers of individuals coming on the same day which will be the new norm until Covid-19.

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