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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English.

To Risk or Not to Risk?

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Taking risks in life helps us to learn more about our likes and dislikes,some risks can lead to making wiser decisions at a later stage,also taking risks can be exciting and fun such as doing high risk activities like bungee jumping,and some risks can come at a greater cost than others.

Taking risks has been considered to be more prevalent in young adults(18-25 years),reason being they start making decisions on their own without consulting elders in the family which teaches them independence.

Young adults also receive a lot of pressure from their surroundings to do certain things such as smoking drugs which can be considered as a form of conformity which simply implies the idea of individuals trying to fit in the environment,and as a result excitement can also be another factor of taking risks such as spinning cars.

Risks can be positive and to avoid mistakes individuals should ask themselves questions before they take risks by asking themselves :

What will happen to them and others in their environment?

Is the risk illegal?

Can they potentially harm themselves?

Will it be detrimental to their well-being?

Will it affect their school-work or work in general?

Are they comfortable?


Will it affect the relationships they have in their environment at home,work and school?

All in all,individuals should face the consequences of their actions especially the young ones who rely on the elders in their environment to teach them right and wrong.


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