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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,B[achelor of Arts in Psychology and English.]


The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has warned drivers in South Africa that policing efforts are being heightened on the country’s roads ahead of the festive season which starts in the next two weeks.

RMTC announced that drivers who are planning to travel for the festive season holidays need to start repairing their vehicles and ensuring that they are roadworthy.

Campaigns have already commenced on major routes and are expected to be continuous from now onwards.Approximately 15 000 Traffic Officers in South Africa have vowed to clamp down cars which are not roadworthy,because the very same cars cause road crashes and fatalities.

Currently their main concern is specifically looking at vehicles that have defects, as well as drivers who are over the alcohol limit.(For drinkers make sure there are no cups containing alcohol seen in the car).

According to the RTMC, specific defects are under the spotlight, as they have been pinpointed as being core contributors to fatal crashes on the roads such as defective brakes;burst tyres;cracked windscreens and defective lights.

Law enforcement officers will not hesitate to discontinue and even impound vehicles with the above mentioned defects,therefore warning drivers in advance might give them ample time to repair their cars.

Impounding any vehicle will greatly inconvenience drivers as they will have to repair the vehicle at extra costs,and have the vehicle taken for roadworthy tests before it is allowed on the road again,in addition to traffic fines and impoundment fees.

RTMC advised that drivers ensure the defects are dealt with to avoid having their trips disrupted by “foreseeable and preventable factors” especially if they will be travelling with their children.

With heavy rainfalls predicted currently, the RTMC said that wipers will also be looked at to make sure they are in a perfect state as they affect visibility on any rainy day.

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