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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English]. 

International and local media reports have indicated that the Nord, worth about 9 billion rands, had ended a controversial stopover in Hong Kong,China and set sail for Cape Town,South Africa.

Russian tycoon Alexey Mordashov is said to own the 141-metre yacht, which has two helipads and was sanctioned by the EU(European Union), the UK(United Kingdom)and USA (United States of America)after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, clearly stated by Bloomberg.

Geordin Hill-Lewis mentioned that she has submitted written letter to the minister of international relations and co-operation Mrs Grace Naledi Mandisa Pandor requesting her to intervene to block the superyacht owned and sailed by Alexey Mordashov and bound for Cape Town,into the republic.

“I have also requested that Mordashov not be allowed to enter the country”, said Hill-Lewis.

Mordashov is notorious for having significant business interests in Russia,in the steel, banking and media industries,and a spokesperson whose identity was not disclosed was earlier confirmed that Mordashov had been in Moscow,Russia since the yacht arrived in Hong Kong,China.

The mayor of Cape Town made some remarks based on the international community recognising the Ukraine being invaded which is seen as an  illegal act and there was evidence of war crimes committed against its people.

The founding provisions of our constitution states that our nation has made commitments with regards to human dignity and the advancement of human rights and freedoms,therefore welcoming an accomplice of state terrorism against innocent people to our shores as a guest would be a violation of our Bill of Rights.

In addition,Hill-Lewis believes that if Mordashov is permitted to dock and enter in the country,South Africans will be viewed as immoral beings from one of the peace-loving nations globally in other countries by lowering their reputation.

Government had a duty to nurture the country’s standing in the international community and uphold its obligations to other nations. So far the country’s foreign policy towards the invasion of Ukraine was “shameful”.

The Mayor is currently waiting for Pandor’s response who has once mentioned that “all wars matter”,and she does not take any sides between Russia and Ukraine,therefore her response will illustrate whether she cares about the safety of South Africans or not.

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