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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English.

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HR department professionals offer tips annually for people who are embarking on a journey of seeking for jobs,and creating a good resume increases the chances of scoring plenty interviews.

Updating your resume at least once a year is recommended if the personal details change.

All resumes sent via email addresses go through a screening process,and providing minimal information which is important will do the trick(do not put unnecessary information).

What value do you bring to the market place ?

A proper resume contains your full names and surname,contact details(more than one cell phone number if applicable and email address),objectives which you wish to achieve in the specific job,previous working experience,list of schools attended,skills which match the job description you are applying for,and reliable references,furthermore your personal address should not be more than thirty minutes drive from your residence.

Applying for jobs on the net can be convenient for everyone,but people have to be professional at all times.

Well-known job search engines such as Indeed,JobVine,PNet and LinkedIn are also used to do background checks on people who have applied for certain jobs.

Job search engines enable people to manage their professional identities,build and engage with others in the same professional network,and access knowledge, insights and opportunities,additionally subscribing for new job offers could be helpful.

To add on the information of searching for jobs on the internet,profiles have to be created and all required documents should be scanned as pdf documents.

Having a True caller app on your phone can be essential as well for people who are looking for jobs in this way it will be easier to pinpoint if the call is important or unimportant.

Social media can also be helpful for job seekers by using TikTok for instance by creating content.Everyone is unique,therefore content should be unique as well by doing things which other people cannot do like dancing for example.

Social media influencers should have reliable contact details for bookings,post content once or twice a week to remain relevant,and they should engage with their fans.

This question is for aspiring social media influencers… “If we personally know each other do you think that I would follow your content everyday? “.Asking yourself the previous question will enable you to plan ahead.

Lastly do not approach companies more than once.Let them search for you!

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