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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English.]

Developmental Psychology as one of the psychology branches focuses on the dynamic mental and physical processes that individuals encounter from birth as they develop into adults.

Middle childhood occurs from ages 8-11 when most children are still compelled to act like normal children who are accepted according to social norms.Unluckily,childhood ends at the age of 11 when most children are in the final stages of completing primary school learning.

Due to Sigmund Freud’s psychosexual stages the final stage which is referred to as the Genital stage(puberty to adulthood)occurs immediately after the childhood stage when they turn 12.

The Genital stage which simply focuses on the awareness of genitals occurs when most children start encountering the menstrual cycle(girls),and wet dreams (boys).The emergence of romantic feelings in teenagers for the opposite sex or similar sex also begins at the age of twelve which results in numerous teenagers having their first boyfriends and girlfriends,most importantly there are many physical changes which occur during the mentioned stage.

Parents might have wondered why sex education is introduced in the final grade of primary school,and this article will be providing reasons why it is imperative for teachers to educate learners at school.

Dear parents… I encourage you all to start talking about the disadvantages and advantages of sex,and at the same time if you have a teenager they should also learn about the pros and cons of all the contraceptives.

Knowledge is power and parents can utilise it at home to avoid mistakes such as teenage pregnancy,by ensuring that they monitor cellphones which are devices that teenagers use to communicate with their girlfriends or boyfriends.

As an aunt of two teenage boys,I personally recommend that parents should think ahead and avoid being strict as most teenagers try to experiment on a daily to look cool due to peer pressure,as a result of new and old peers.

When reality kicks in teenage girls should be advised by their mothers,and teenage boys should be advised by their fathers for them to have the ability to resonate with the experiences of their parents as well to create comfortability as well.

Lastly,parents are encouraged to ensure that boys are circumcised between the ages 10-12 to avoid embarrassment in school toilets,because due to observations I have concluded that circumcision for teenage boys depicts a new chapter in their lives.

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