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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika, [ Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English ].

‘Siblingship’ is a combination of the word sibling and relationship which simply implies that it is the relationship individuals have with their siblings. Individuals are born with different personalities and capabilities which they have inherited from their family members which makes them unique, although parents might not treat them the same. Friendships are important because we learn from one another and we can rely on our friends, but as the last daughter out of three I have discovered that your siblings should be the first group of friends in your life. Being friends with your siblings creates easy communication with no secrets, instead of communicating about personal problems with your parents.

Trust and love are imperative factors in siblingship in a sense that if siblings love each other and have each other’s backs it simply means that they trust one another and the saying ‘blood is thicker than water’ comes to play. In disadvantaged families in South Africa orphans stick together with their siblings no matter how hard it gets, and the oldest sibling might make the decision to look for employment to fend for themselves and their siblings. Communication is important in terms of individuals expressing their feelings and siblings can form an ally to express their feelings to their parents to ensure that the household is a safe and secure place for them emotionally. Another imperative factor in siblingship is that siblings should amend how they have made the other sibling feel for them to move on with life easily. From my personal experience spending time with your siblings outdoors is also a good thing, and theoretically a different environment transitions the behaviour of individuals.

Last but not least siblings should not gossip about the other sibling in their absence, for the reason that it might create long-lasting conflict and prevent healing of the other sibling feeling unloved. Therefore siblings should love and support one another because a two minds are better than one.



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