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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English].

There is a certain way that individuals are expected to behave in society and social acceptance is a phenomenon which refers to the extent to which all individuals interact with others in various societies.

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Some individuals are not accepted for who they are,how they act and behave around others and they can be misunderstood in relation to what they say. 

Social acceptance has an impact on children,teenagers and adults globally,and it has been proposed that it also affects individuals who have mental disabilities.

Learning about peer pressure in schools is imperative,mainly because children and teenagers do a lot of things to try and be accepted in their circles (depending on how social they can be) which has an impact on their appearance,and how important it is for their friends to accept them as individuals. 

As individuals we need to go through all the stages of life when we develop into adults,and unfortunately those who haven’t experienced peer pressure experience as teenagers might experience peer pressure as adults.

When it comes to mental disabilities, social acceptance plays a vital role in recovery. Social acceptance is imperative because many individuals do not comprehend mental illness so they don’t know how to embrace their peers or other individuals who have a disease which results into leaving those with mental illnesses to feel as if they are not accepted in groups of friends.

In closing,social acceptance is a gradual process and individuals need to be patient with others,and at the same time they have to embrace their uniqueness which some individuals might not accept. 

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