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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English.

It is quite easier for children to get attached to men and women who are classified as their “parents” even if they are adopted,but certain circumstances change the situation.

Furthermore,parents are considered to be adults who can make decisions on their own,and at the same time adults need love from their partner,family and friends.

In most instances parents lose their first partners through death or divorce which also affects children in a way,therefore in such instances family therapy is recommended to enable the entire family in terms of them moving on with their lives.

The topic of interest in this article focuses on the duration which parents have to wait for before they can introduce a potential partner to their children.

It has been suggested that it is quite challenging in terms of predicting how your children will react no matter how old they are, especially if it’s your first time bringing someone around that you’re romantic with. “Just because you like this person doesn’t mean that your kid necessarily will,” said James H. Bray, Ph.D., chair and professor of the Department of Psychology at University of Texas at San Antonio.

Bray also added that introductions should be done if there is a serious relationship to avoid introducing multiple individuals which might cause confusion in the children’s lives and…

At a later stage if the idea that promiscuity might surface, since children learn from what their parents are doing.

Anna Halkidis mentioned that children should be prepared in advance before they can meet their potential stepmother/stepfather by letting them know that there might be a possibility of re-marrying for instance as a result of being lonely.

Moreover, first meetings should be done in places where it is fun for children such as parks,and parents should let things unfold naturally in such a way that they give their children enough time to accept.

Most importantly children should not be forced to be affectionate or express the way they feel to potential partners,and parents should not stop spending time with their children when they meet “the right one”.

Lastly,parents should allow their potential partners to have conversations which flow with their children.

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