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When relationships begin both genders have butterflies in their stomachs which is a stage that we all refer to as ‘The Honeymoon Phase’ and in some relationships it lasts for a short while. As a psychology student during my studies I have come across what we call ‘Sternberg’s Triangular Theory’ in the Social Psychology textbook and I feel as if it provides a detailed explanation of what is expected in relationships from both partners.

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Dr Sternberg’s theory is made up of three components: Intimacy, Passion and Commitment. In relation to intimacy partners should have a sense of closeness/connectedness, with passion partners should have feelings and desires that lead to physical attraction, romance and sexual activities, and with the last component which is decision/commitment partners should remain together to achieve their mutual goals. From my experience of relationships for almost a decade I have created a formula for relationships (2-1=1 person is happy in the relationship/1=1=2 happy people in the relationship), which simply implies that relationships require a collective effort from both partners, and if one of the components from Sternberg’s theory are not present then there will be difficulties in the relationship, until it is resolved. Although I provided a brief explanation of how relationships should be, the main focus of this article is summelliy flings which normally occurs in December.

Numerous individuals want to have harmless fun forget that they are in serious relationships, because they get tempted. They are called summer flings because when individuals run out of money then the level of attraction declines immediately.



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