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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika, BA in Psychology and English

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Ensuring that our children have a sense of belonging.

When a couple discovers that they are expecting, they tend to be the over the moon which is quite normal. In most cases children bring back the love and unity in families, but if the couple is expecting their first bundle of joy they might not know what to expect in terms of raising a child for the first time in their lives. All parents aspire to be considered as good parents in society and to ensure that they try their level best to keep their children happy at all times. According to a former psychologist named Karen Horney the structure of personality is highlighted as the impact of actual parents on their children’s personality development.

Horney suggested in her personality theory that the fundamental needs of children to have normal personalities in the future are:

Non-sexual love, acceptance, respect, and care from both parents.

And the contrast to the four fundamental needs of children in terms of personality is referred to as ‘basic evil’ which damages parental behaviour. If parents have more than one offspring then they should consider the following to refrain from being considered as being evil:

Indifference, rejection, hostility, unfair/inconsistent treatment of siblings, unfair punishment, humiliation, ridicule, and unkept promises.

And all the components above causes neurosis and affects children based on the way they perceive certain things in life. In closing parents, should create a platform for their children to express their feelings for their children to be good parents in the future and to ensure that their children do not bottle their feelings which may cause a lot of anger and absence of a sense of belonging.


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