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A survey was done for 20 South African males above the age of 18 with the aim of getting personal views of those who have not been vaccinated for the Corona Virus also known as Covid-19. The information in this article is paraphrased anonymously to protect the identities of the males that were interviewed to give us a clear depiction of why more females have been vaccinated more than males.

Reasons vary and will be discussed as a whole and not individually for readers to get a brief description of the personal views. The interviewed males have mentioned that they have a phobia of losing their sex drive (when the libido gets affected), and some of them assume that they have healthy bodies and they are living a healthy life therefore they feel as if the government is experimenting and attempting to see if the vaccines will work on humans which clearly depicts that people still have to do research on the vaccines and agree to be vaccinated once they are ready. One of the interviewees has mentioned plenty reasons why they will never get vaccinated reason being it has been presumed that some of the current deaths might be a result of the vaccine and unfortunately there is no media coverage, politicians can plan for the next wave, our freedom as citizens is dictated, and we are lab rats mainly because the interviewee mentioned that the vaccine makes antibodies like flu vaccines for instance and it might not work for everyone. Nothing will change the minds of all the males who have interviewed because they feel as if citizens do not have freedom of speech and in the end everyone will be forced to vaccinate which simply implies that the government might not be considering the individual rights of their citizens by infringing them.

The advice given to the government is that government officials should give citizens their freedom of speech back because people have a phobia of dying due to the plenty myths about the Virus on social media and in gatherings, and hopefully we will live normal lives again.

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