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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,  [Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English.]

We have conversations on a daily basis and we use non-verbal language.Individuals usually understand whatever message we are attempting to pass across.

However, there are multiple body gestures that can make a woman appear attractive to any man she likes,but the most imperative gestures will be discussed in this article.

Ladies should maintain eye contact,smile at him and turn away for him to develop interest in her.

The moment eye contact is established for a minimum period of five seconds,he might start thinking about ways to get close to you.

Ensure that you are always carrying a handbag like other women which depicts that you are independent and you might have all the essentials you need in the bag.(Men in this day and age are looking for future partners who might be helping them financially at some point).

Never keep your hands in your pocket,and make sure your arms are always open which demonstrates that you are also available for a quick chat.

Even if he’s not facing you,always ensure that you keep sending him hints such as waving at him from a distance.

Stand like a great confident and successful woman by standing with two legs wide open and resting one hand on your waist…do not forget to move your hips when you are walking but it should not look as if you are catwalking!!!

Gently touch your hair often,wear bright clothing,and ensure that your eyes look radiant.

In closing,all the tips mentioned above should not be overdone to guard your heart in case the guy does not like your personality which you cannot transition.

If he understands your signs he will come around😊In the meantime you can go through his socials to learn more about him but do not do it on a daily basis.

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