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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English].

Individuals face obstacles on a daily basis from the day they are born,and as they develop into adults who can distinguish the wrong and right choices in life they need to discover multiple strategies they can use to overcome all the challenges in their lives.

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Individualism is a concept which was proposed by Humanists in Psychology who proposed the Humanistic theory or perspective as one of the five theories in Psychology. 

Furthermore,Humanistic therapy provides a description in relation to multiple strategies of therapy which are made on the basis of a person as an individual and not as a whole (involving other individuals)with unique potential and abilities.

Instead of concentrating on what is wrong with individuals, this type of therapy is more focused on helping them overcome their difficulties through personal growth as mentioned previously.

During individual therapy confidential information is kept of clients with their informed consent or permission rather by offering them empathy and positive regard by avoiding judgment ,comprehending the way they perceive life,and at the same time individuals narrate their positive and negative experiences,in return therapists or psychologists assist them to find a sense of purpose in life.Altogether,individuals are encouraged to go for individual therapy if they experience factors such a

nxiety,depression,low self-esteem,panic disorder,personality disorders which affect the way they act,think and behave,Post traumatic disorder(PTSD),psychosis,relationship problems,substance abuse and trauma in general. 

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