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There’s a saying that “there are decades where nothing happens,
and there are weeks where decades happen.” 2020 was the latter. As
both brands and consumers adjust to this “new normal” and
become ever more confident online, 2022 will take no prisoners in
the digital sphere.
The 2020 global lockdowns were an overdue catalyst for the
advertising world and merely reinforced pre-existing consumer
preferences for online commerce. As we begin to look at emerging
from the pandemic, we see that media plans that have worked for
decades have now expired, and it’s vital to stay ahead of the digital
changes anticipated in 2022 to avoid being left behind.
TikTok has become mainstream; podcasts are part of our daily
routines; Instagram is now video-first and shopping-oriented. And,
wherever possible, consumers opt-out of advertising. We have
arrived in a new era of democratic media consumption where
consumers choose what they listen to and who they trust.
Gen Z — a demographic aged 16-26 — now makes up 40% of
consumers . They are the most “plugged in” generation to date,
spending three hours every day on social media consuming and
creating content, and most importantly, seeking inspiration. The
pandemic has shown that more mature audiences increasingly
mimic this behaviour, meaning that a comprehensive online
offering is no longer optional.
Performance based influencer marketing is on the rise.
Consumers require multiple touch-points with a brand to convert,
which means that influencer content amplified by performance
marketing combines the best of both from these powerful marketing
strategies. Influencers are your content production. They create
native ads that tend to resonate better with consumers, which, in
turn, can enhance your advertising performance and improve
overall conversion. Analysts can then identify the best performing

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Influencer culture the new normal?

influencer content and create paid ads to run to a precisely honed
target group. As influencer content is perceived as more
authentic, this often results in higher engagement and conversion
Brands that embrace new advertising strategies will make
substantial market gains; those that are not moving with the times
are likely to be crushed. The past few years rewarded digital brands
with exceptional growth opportunities, but the next few years will
really start to punish those that lag behind.
The online influencers could be many things, such as a
potential buyer of a marketed product line or a high profile
celebrity that advocates a philosophy which aligns buyers
within the market. Influencers can also be third party
advocates like manufacturers and retailers, or anyone
whose viewpoint adds value to the level of influence, such
as industry experts, professionals, academics, and the
Partnerships with important influencers has been a
consistently successful variety of high impact marketing
strategies. Major brand names have commonly used this
kind of influence marketing, because endorsements from
star athletes, famous celebrities, and popular media
personalities sell products. The same type of influencers are
factored into the page ranking data used for search engine
optimisation today. The ability to identify leaders within the
marketplace is an essential key to influence marketing.
The information age has changed the modern marketing
landscape, possibly more than any era in history. Still
technology is only a tool, as users of these tools we must

formulate tactical and strategic ways to optimise them.This
means knowing how to spot important market influencers,
maintaining influencer relationships via transparency,
creating valuable content to distribute, and finally monitoring
the results from our endeavours. All these practices can be
optimised to have the greatest marketing influence.
The ability to influence is based on how people and content
interrelate. So our ability to influence others into taking
action is a variable. The more people we reach equals a
greater potential influence, so content must be promoted by
important influencers. The greatest influence equals
reaching those people who will take action directly, so
people must relate to the content on a personal level.
But most importantly,honesty in the marketplace is an
absolute necessity, because influencers are aware of their
impact. Anyone using influence marketing must understand
the need for authenticity in their content. This is the
foundation for creating strong influencer relationships that
people can relate to well. Advocacy needs to be established
via branding, but the influencer relationships must also be meaningful people

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