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2023 any Action plan on your side ? My imagination
Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika, [Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English.]

We have seen how children learn or imitate what individuals do in the environments they grow up in,for the current and future generation.

Families have different beliefs and values which should be instilled from a very young age to insure that children learn how to be independent in daily activities such as praying without their parents.

Firstly parents should clarify their own beliefs,whether they practice an organized religion or not,and teaching their children about customs and certain rituals is imperative.

Introducing spiritual practices for your toddler such as lighting white candles or singing hymns together will create a picture of this certain activity as a natural part of life,which in return will have some sort of spiritual influence on your toddler before they learn from individuals such as pastors.

Even if as an adult you don’t put your faith in God as a Christian for instance,or Allah as a Muslim your toddler should still be taught about religion,and teaching them to respect other people’s beliefs as they grow older is another important thing to do as a parent.

Children should also learn about sins they should not commit from an early any age such as swearing,and stealing for them to have the ability to differentiate from right and wrong.

Instill an appreciation of nature. Nature is a great place to find inspiration and a sense of spirituality. “Kids learn with all their senses – they love to pick up a rock or jump in a puddle or chase a butterfly,” said Marianne Neifert,pediatrician, author, and a mother of five.

Lastly,I personally feel as if children should be taught to demonstrate kindness,care and love to all the individuals whether they are young or old.

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