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Andile Mpisane & New Vrou. (What happened to tailored suits Ma A)?

Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika

All South Africans believed that Andile Mpisane, the chairperson of the Royal AM football club and Sithelo Shozi were a happy couple, although it seemed as if MaMkhize did not approve of the relationship and this could be a result of Sithelo loving the finer things in life. Parents try to protect their sons by all means and hope that they will introduce good potential wives one day to the family.

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Five months ago, Sithelo had an extravagant baby shower and she announced on social media that she was expecting her second bundle of joy. Numerous individuals attended the baby shower, and the ‘‘baby momma’’ did not await for tables to turn since she was expecting her second baby with Andile. Sithelo’s fairytale world came to an end when Andile bought her a new BMW a month ago, and that was enough reassurance for the young lady to believe that she is still in a healthy relationship with Andile, little did she know that her potential ‘‘in-laws’’ were plotting behind her back. The people in South Africa have contemplated that MaMkhize might have forced his only son to engage Tamia Louw, therefore there was a contrast in terms of mood in such a way that she appeared to be content on the posts about the engagement, and on the other hand Andile was not joyful about it.

Do you think MaMkhize stooped low or has she made the right decision for her son?, whether the answer is a yes or a no we hope that Andile does not regret his decision, and it hasn’t been proven whether his ‘‘baby momma’’ and his ‘‘future wife’’ love him for who he is or his possessions which will create generational wealth in the future.

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