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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English.]

Psychology theorists have proposed that as children grow they attach themselves to their parents or single parents for them to get all the love, attention and care which they need.

To add onto the ideology,due to their observations and findings girls are more attached to their fathers,and most boys are attached to their mothers and the emergence of attachment stems from the breastfeeding stage which is a period that occurs in the first two years of children’s lives .

As a result of mothers attaching themselves to their sons from an early age it is very difficult for them to live separately with their sons.

The most important stage in life for men is the main topic of the article in such a way that they need blessings from their parents before they get married to their potential soulmates,but…

Conflict arises between their potential wives and their mothers,because mothers probably feel as if the potential wives will take their number spot in the hearts of their sons not knowing that the attachments are different.

On the other hand,potential wives need to try and understand where the mothers are coming from in terms of attachment,since there is a high possibility of them experiencing the same issue when their sons are old enough to get married.

All in all,attachment between sons and mothers causes mothers to be monster in-laws and clearly it is not their fault.

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