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Automotive interiors are on their way to becoming more important
than exteriors in customers’ eyes. For many decades, the exterior
design used to be the decisive, emotional factor in the car
purchase, “While this is still valid, this ’emotionalization’ is now also
taking place in the inside of the vehicle.
Car interior designs have for a long time affected the relationship
and commodity that spews with a long term investment once
purchased. The compatibility it’s kin. Having to place in factor things
such as family, or personal needs. The state I’m which one is able
to commute in comfort and very often style is the peak of an
automotive interior future.
Customer expectations are not changing overnight, but gradually
and much faster than industries have seen in the past. With the
passenger compartment moving more into the focus and becoming
a key decision factor, there has been significant potentials for
differentiating technologies, addressing the passengers’ senses and
meeting highest demand.
The cars on our roads are, on average are however getting older. This is
thanks, in part, to more reliable parts, better maintenance, and also
slightly more depressing causes like lengthier auto loan terms. But just
because the cars are lasting longer mechanically doesn’t mean the
interiors can keep up, and this is a new problem for automakers to solve.
The challenge is that not all of the parts of modern cars are necessarily
designed with 16 years of daily use in mind. While keeping a car
maintained, or paying for consistent necessary repairs over the lifetime
of the car may keep it running, it’s less likely that people are treating the
car’s interior with the same amount of care and detailing.
Perhaps part of the solution here shouldn’t just be making more durable
materials, but also just making cars that people can care more about,
and making more of an effort to get them to care about the cars, than
just solely selling them off as reliable, hassle-free, efficient transportation appliances.

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