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2023 any Action plan on your side ? My imagination

Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[ Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English].

Personality comprises of the way we think,act and behave.In simpler terms the way we think affects the way we act and behaviour as different individuals in societies.

Have you wondered where jealousy stems from? I have observed and I can provide my opinion by saying that some individuals are not happy when other individuals flourish in life,which is a result of distortion.

By articulating the idea of negative thoughts to the behaviourism theory,I have also come to the conclusion that the people you spend time with during your spare time influence the way we think,for instance students who team up with A plus students have a chance of getting better results at school,as a result of cohesion when it comes to school work.

Motivational speakers on the other hand provide daily quotes and motivational speeches to try and motivate people who have lost hope in their lives with the motive of transitioning the lives from others from a negative perspective to a positive perspective.

To substantiate the statement further,numerous men and women who are fresh out of jail have been interviewed and they have provided a detailed explanation that they had role models who were into crime and they were filthy rich,and they ended joining them.

In closing,parents should monitor their children’s behaviour and the circle of friends they associate themselves with to ensure that their children have a better future.

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