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Tyre Kickers are here to stay

Tyre kicking is an art that many many many many sales people around the world hate the most. For some reason once you have been in the sales game long enough you seem to smell a tyre kicker even a kilometre away. When the 1st point of contact is made be it by phone call or a Saturday morning walk –  in.

It’s important to separate and know where exactly the client is in the sales process. There are 12 steps in any sales deal. It’s important that salesperson has an instinct to separate and manage where exactly that particular customer is in the sales process, bearing in mind that you get as much as 100 phone calls on enquiries and as many walk ins in your shop. With time u can really sniff using as little time as possible to find out where exactly the prospect is in the sales process. A tyre kicker today is a buyer Tomorrow but just know that there are professional time killers out there, old ass men that go around different shops and organisations kicking tyre and mining information about the brand or organisation. They really seem to get a kick from this. But it’s the sales person’s job to separate the bullshitter from the real deal.
Use the below steps to measure and guide you in any deal or sales process.

I present to your the

12 steps in the sales cycle.

1. Prospecting – Groundwork the 1st process in the sales process. Your main focus is to keep the prospect on the phone for 5 minutes , hold their attention long enough. But u need something worth saying and them to listen to. This is the only time in the sale prices u can talk more than u listen .

2. Secure / Score a meeting [appointment].

3. Needs analysis Why/Prepare/Questions, hot buttons , find hot points : find out the client’s needs this is all about the prospects needs , find out why they want what they want. Just listen. Here u just listen dude…people love I mean love speaking about themselves so let them go wild ..after all this is about them.

4. Build Rapport – Fins out where the prospect is and where they want to be in future . This is when the prospect decides if they like you or not coz people buy from people not from the organisation. So this is the ice braking phase. This is when you click or not .

5. Discovery – Tell the prospect how you will get them to their goal . You present the map.

6. Competition – Acknowledge competition and disable competition ( don’t speak bad about your competitors) just simply disable them.

7. Sell your company – Offer Value, value, value then ask for business. Tell them what your organisation/company can offer in term of product and service..

8. Presentation – Time to sell and Turn this bay in its head!!!!

9. Objections – Handle objections and concerns, clarify and friction and open the floor for questions. And iron out the concerns by speaking to the value your service or product brings to their concerns.

10.Team selling , Bring the big guns take them on the tour let the meet the big guns of the organisation and takemtjem on a possible tour . Meat the team.

11. Close the dam sale. Show leadership and take charge of the sale and control the flow of the sale and nip it in the butt.

12. Receive payment and Deliver .

Tyre kicking is also a hobby to most.

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