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As a Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Psychology and English student I have learnt that children learn in various ways and some get restless when they do not understand the content they have been given at home and in their classes on a daily basis to ensure that they have a good foundation built in terms of their education.

As an Education Assistant (EA) I have come up with distinct ways on how to administer their behaviour and the extra activities which I create for them, but parents also need to play a vital role of assisting them with homework since they need adequate support. In this article I will be providing tips on how teachers and parents can work together to improve basic numeracy and literacy skills.

Tip 1- Parents should invest in a few books for their children to improve their vocabulary.

Tip 2- Parents should also invest in learning discs for English and Mathematics.

Tip 3- Children should do extra activities of what they have learnt at school daily.

Tip 4- Parents should at least install learning apps for English and Mathematics on one of the devices at home.

Tip 5- Parents should always communicate with Educators on the progress of their children’s work every term.

Tip 6- Parents should ensure that their children watch learning shows on television and cartoons created for their peers.

Tip 7- Parents should create a colourful space for their children at home.

Tip 8- Parents should buy all the necessary stationery the child might need for learning to be colourful and fun (e.g kids remember certain things once it is highlighted for instance).

Tip 9- Parents should purchase extra things such as clay which children can play with during their learning breaks at home.

Tip 10-If all the tips above do not function then parents are advised to get a reliable tutor for their children to get support from three channels.

‘‘Education is the key to success’’, but teachers and parents need to form some sort of cohesion to ensure that their children have basic numeracy and literacy skills for now and the future.

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