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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika, [Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English.]

People should always be open minded.

Psychology is simply defined as the scientific study of the human mind and the way it functions, especially factors affecting behaviour in specific settings.

Individuals need to comprehend that qualified psychologists have completed thorough theoretical studying,proper research and application in different settings from what they have learnt,and there is a possibility of psychologists figuring out what their clients need help with even if minimal information has been provided.

Information from clients is kept confidential and clients need to know that psychologists will not provide their information to anybody else without their informed consent or permission rather.

I could say that psychologists are professionally trained to provide strategies on how individuals can cope with the daily stresses they encounter in their lives.

The most important tip for individuals is that if they are planning to go for therapy they should keep in mind that the psychologist is not powerful enough to wash away all their problems.

Trained professionals were trained to help individuals understand more about themselves and how they can do things in life to improve their state of their mind and health,in addition to what has been mentioned for individuals to learn more about their behaviour patterns which are associated to their diagnosis.

Its quite rare for individuals to encounter problems in life and as a result therapy is divided into four divisions namely individual therapy;group therapy;family therapy and couple therapy.

To sum up the whole idea of the article,my opinion is that it is better to confide in a trained professional than confiding to other individuals who might tell others what you are struggling with in life,and remember prevention is better than cure,get help when you can because nobody will do it for you. “Every man for himself”!

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