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2023 any Action plan on your side ? My imagination
Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English.]

Couples work well together as a team if they trust each other.A relationship functions with various combined ideas from two different individuals who are willing to make it work at all costs.

In relation to transparency,a strong relationship which has reached the transparency stage after a year or two should utilise these tips:

1. Finance-the first imperative factor,couples should be honest about the money which they receive together.Firstly, your partner will know how much do you have after paying for your personal needs,and secondly the couple can add the money which is left over on both sides to save/to invest it/buy extra things which they need together.

2. Feelings-arguments will always be present in a relationship,and partners need to be really careful when they express the way they feel,in addition they should tell their partners how they feel,instead of hiding their feelings to possibly stop arguments.

3. Plans/Ideas-involve your partner in your life in such a way that you communicate about your future plans and ideas beforehand,for instance if a family member/friend wants to visit they need to be informed.DO NOT MAKE DECISIONS ALONE!

4. Debt-Financial issues can have an impact on relationships,therefore partners should communicate to figure out a plan to pay off certain bills together.

5. Whereabouts-This tip is the most important tip for partners who live seperately.Partners should inform the other partner about their whereabouts for their own safety,and to increase the level of trust which depicts maturity as many individuals interpret it.

A non-transparent relationship is a recipe for disaster,to wrap this up I would suggest that partners should treat each other like best friends who conversate about everything and maybe their relationships would last longer.

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