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Tuxblak Funeral services

Tosha-lee MK Mathobela and Tshepo Jack Mogala are the collaborative founders of Tuxblak Funeral Services. Mathobela and Mogala started a clothing business three years ago for tuxedos and other clothing items (tux which makes up half of the current business name). Luckily both founders have a financial background which is a significant factor for any business. The other half of the name originates from the fact that both founders saw the gap in the lives of ‘black’ people in various communities, and as a result jobs were created with the knowledge that they have. Their vision was clearly stated that they aim to be one of the best and reputable funeral services in the market by providing a responsive, homely, fair and reliable environment for their members and their families. In terms of their mission the core principle is providing accessibility for a homely environment by delivering their services and products in such a way that it is efficient for all the social classes and all societies are accommodated in terms of affordability, and their values are courtesy, elegance, integrity, humility and agility. Tuxblak Funeral Services offers long term insurance, and in the long run the business will get better to satisfy all their members. Mathobela and Mogala had three years to draw up strategic plans to ensure that the business runs smoothly, and that is why their plans for the business do not have to be re-evaluated with that being said all their plans have been achieved in a short span. People are encouraged to visit the office or to apply online at the comfort of their homes in order for them to have an affordable funeral cover which covers all their loved ones. Mogala’s final words for any individual who would like to provide funeral services was quite simple. People should always follow their heart and do things for the right reasons so that obstacles do not make them think twice if they want to achieve all their goals. To conclude, if people do not have funeral covers yet we suggest that they do it as soon as possible, because life is too short and Tuxblak Funeral Services will come to the rescue with affordable plans they can choose from. #TuxblakForThePeople #Rekaofela #MCMs with Val #Mzansi_Catch Up_Mondays with Valerie Contact details for Tuxblak Funeral Services Tel: +27740152076/+27120125825 Email: Website: Social media Facebook: Tuxblak Funeral Services

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