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According to the behaviourism theory, behaviour can be studied in a systematic and observable manner regardless of internal mental states in simpler terms psychologists can observe behaviour, make objective predictions and objective conclusions based on the behaviour of their clients. Only observable behaviour should be considered-cognitions, emotions and moods of individuals are subjective. The theory stems from theorists such as John Watson and B.F Skinner and they had the belief that any individual can potentially be trained to do any task if the right conditioning (which refers to the experiments they created to possibly try and change their behaviour) has being applied.

There is a saying which explains that ‘show me your friends, and I will show you your future’ which is a quote we have chosen for this article to explain the theory in simpler terms. Teenagers go through the developmental change named puberty, and they start making their own decisions such as making new friends, and this theory explains that there is a possibility of individuals being influenced by the group of people they are surrounded by on a daily basis through learning experiences, and trying to apply it to their own lives. Another example which explains the theory is a collective of new-born babies crying at the same time at the hospital after they have been born. Some people are not influenced quite easily, because they have discipline and they do not want a repetition of the personal experiences that other individuals had. Raising kids might be one of the biggest obstacles, because in terms of the theory theorists believed that behaviour can be reinforced (possibility of repetition) negatively or positively, and children can be rewarded or punished due to their behaviour. As an aunt of three, I have observed the behaviour of my nephews and I can attest that the theory might be correct, because as the adult you are accountable in relation to teaching children how to behave. Firstly children should know that they have done something wrong and they should get punished for it, and in contrast they should be rewarded with what they want for good behaviour.

To further explain reinforcement parents should behave the way they want their kids to behave by setting a good example for future generations, because their behaviour has a good or bad impact on the behaviour of their children. Therefore, parents should facilitate the group of friends their children have.


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#Spirit_Sundays with ValM

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