Flights cancelled, schools closed as China fights virus outbreak

Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika 24 October 2021

The media company eNCA mentioned today in the early hours on Thursday morning that a new Covid-19 outbreak in China has been linked to a group of terrorists. In the capital city authorities have cancelled numerous flights, closed schools and ramped up testing for the masses to try and stamp out a new COVID-19 outbreak linked to a group of terrorists.

Beijing has sustained a relentless zero-Covid approach with strict border closures and targeted lockdowns, although other countries have attempted to ease their restrictions. Dosmetic outbreaks in households have been eliminated largely, but as the country reached a fifth straight day of new cases the authorities beefed up coronavirus controls. The current outbreak was articulated to an old couple who joined a group of tourists from the city of Shanghai to Gansu and Mongolia. Those who need to leave must have the ability to present a negative COVID-19 test.

When we thought that the dust had settled in terms of the virus, sadly the dust is still in the air and the end of the virus is unknown. Hopefully, other countries will close the borders until the outbreak is over in China…as we all know the African continent might have to receive more funds to keep afloat since the economy has been affected due to poor trade.




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Lalela-ni South Africa the time has come’’

Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika 24 October 2021

Lalela Mwsani | image: Twitter

About a week ago a sublime young lady walked on stage and won the Miss SA title for 2021 at the Grand West Arena in the city of Cape Town. The 24-year-old named Lalela Mswane walked away with a R4 million prize package, which included the use of a fully furnished apartment in Sandton, a brand new Mercedes Benz C-Class Sedan for the year of her reign, and R1 million in cold cash. There are a lot of things which were discovered after the crown had been placed on her head. Mswane has attained a lot before being crowned Miss SA.

Here are five things you need to need to know about Lalela.

1. Lalela holds a Bachelor of Law Degree from the University of Pretoria which she acquired in record time during the year 2019.

2. Miss Mswane is a professional dancer who specialises in ballet dancing and started her career at a tender age of nine years.

3. Lali hopped into the modelling industry as a sixteen year old girl, and booked her first billboard a year later for DSTV. In 2020 she became the face of David Tlale’s fragrance named ‘Exotic’, and she is currently signed to Alushi Models.

4. Apparently the young lady sucked her thumb for eighteen years of her life which was comforting for her, and it was mentioned during an interview with Sowetan Live.

5. She is the daughter of the late Muntu Mswane who was a minister and diplomat born Eswatini and passed away in 2010 when Lalela was still thirteen years old.

When she was asked by the judges what is she looking for in a leader she replied that, ‘‘someone who is self-aware, accountable and encourages critical thinking, innovation and action, but most importantly prioritises the personal development of everyone in South Africa and she believes that a leader should possess all these qualities’’.



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Lalela Mswani |Image: twitter

The female who is paramount in soccerValerie Mmanthe Mampshika                                                              18 October 2021

Chairman and Madam President

The Premier Soccer League (PSL) committee approved the transfer for the Royal AM football team to purchase Bloemfontein Celtic and a letter was sent to the previous Celtic owner Max Tshabalala as the representative and to Dr. Nozipho Fortunate Ngubo as the representative of the ‘the acquirer’ who is reportedly the sister of the Royal AM owner Shauwn Mpisane also known as MaMkhize in the country. All the contracts were transferred to Miss Mpisane earlier this year, and this article will be reflecting on the achievements Miss Mpisane has acquired so far in the football industry as the only female who owns two football teams in the PSL league.

Royal Am
A bunch of winners

One of the greatest achievements has to be Royal AM beating Kaizer Chiefs 4-1 which was unexpected since Kaizer Chiefs is one of the old South African football teams whereas Royal AM is a ‘newbie’. To amplify Royal AM’s excitement about their achievement they won the match against Chiefs in their hometown (FNB stadium in Soweto) and Miss Mpisane celebrated in style on the field after the match. It is highly encouraged for coaches to also look out for players from other teams that they can approach to join their team at a price which is not negotiated. In MaMkhize’s world she is definitely eyeing on Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe to play for Royal AM for the upcoming season and their priority might be accumulating adequate funds to buy the players they require. Recently MaMkhize was basking in happiness after she was recently honoured by the Mzansi Heroine Awards for her contribution in community development and sports. Mpisane took to social media to express her gratitude for being recognised.

To sum up everything Miss Mpisane is doing really well in sports, and we hope for the best moving forward because she has proved everybody wrong in terms of being part of a sport which is dominated by men.



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MINI Cooper History : How it all started.

The man who created the Mini was born in Izmir. Mini was born out of necessity. The 1950s oil shortages and King Farouk of Egypt’s decision for wanting a total and immediate evacuation of troops from British from the Suez Canal zone.

British Troops have occupied that Zone since the world war 2 ended.

Iran’s decision to have total control and power over its oil industry.

Fuel shortages in 1957 , Sir Leonard Lord Of Morris Company wanted a small car , but he hated all the small cars on the road at those times. They looked all like bubble cars . He wanted something small and practical and good looking.

He wanted it very fast, he put all projects on hold and concentrated on the need for a small car he gave this enormous task to none other than Issigonis and gave him total control and full authority to create a master piece in a very short space of time possible .

Issigonis worked the idea through until he came out with an idea with what we call Mini Today.

Issigonis was brought back to Bmc to create a new medium sized family car to replace the ageing Austin Cambridge. The brief Sir Leonard Lord gave Issigonis was to design a car smaller than the Minor with maximum passenger space in the smallest possible vehicle.

Four fully – sized people must be able to fit , it had to be compact , super economical and super affordable.


Mzansi is finally removed from UK’s red list and vaccination cards will be acceptedValerie Mmanthe Mampshika                                                                 11 October 2021

South Africa will finally be removed from the United Kingdom’s restrictive red list which has prohibited travelling between the two countries since May. The delisting will be effective from today, the UK’s Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps announced on Thursday evening. Countries such as the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela are the only countries which will remain on the red list. Previously, the only nationals which were allowed to enter the UK from the red listed South Africa were the British and the Irish people with residence rights in the UK, but they were subjected to a compulsory ten-day quarantine in a hotel which is managed by the state and they had to cover the costs on their own, regardless of their vaccination status which in return affected the tourism sector which was already embattled for South Africans.

The estimation of the amount the economy of South Africa lost was approximately R790 million every month when the country was still on the red list according to the World Travel& Tourism Council. It has been mentioned countless times that the UK has traditionally been South Africa’s biggest source of international tourists and there is a slight relief currently for South Africa for the tourism industry and perhaps the economy will pick up from what it was these past few months, but only fully vaccinated South Africans can travel out of the country for other countries to refrain from acquiring a high volume of Covid-19 infections and they do not have to vaccinate again in other countries.

For those who have not been unvaccinated yet the information provided for their group was quite simple, they can enter in the UK but they will have to quarantine at their place of accommodation or their homes for ten days, and soon enough South Africans will be utilising their vaccination cards which will be finalised soon.

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UK Travel ban lifted

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