Lamborghini Urus sales: the best half-year ever. Orders taken for the next ten months

Lamborghini Urus

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Tuxblak Funeral Services to the rescue Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika 19 July 2021

Tuxblak Funeral services

Tosha-lee MK Mathobela and Tshepo Jack Mogala are the collaborative founders of Tuxblak Funeral Services. Mathobela and Mogala started a clothing business three years ago for tuxedos and other clothing items (tux which makes up half of the current business name). Luckily both founders have a financial background which is a significant factor for any business. The other half of the name originates from the fact that both founders saw the gap in the lives of ‘black’ people in various communities, and as a result jobs were created with the knowledge that they have. Their vision was clearly stated that they aim to be one of the best and reputable funeral services in the market by providing a responsive, homely, fair and reliable environment for their members and their families. In terms of their mission the core principle is providing accessibility for a homely environment by delivering their services and products in such a way that it is efficient for all the social classes and all societies are accommodated in terms of affordability, and their values are courtesy, elegance, integrity, humility and agility. Tuxblak Funeral Services offers long term insurance, and in the long run the business will get better to satisfy all their members. Mathobela and Mogala had three years to draw up strategic plans to ensure that the business runs smoothly, and that is why their plans for the business do not have to be re-evaluated with that being said all their plans have been achieved in a short span. People are encouraged to visit the office or to apply online at the comfort of their homes in order for them to have an affordable funeral cover which covers all their loved ones. Mogala’s final words for any individual who would like to provide funeral services was quite simple. People should always follow their heart and do things for the right reasons so that obstacles do not make them think twice if they want to achieve all their goals. To conclude, if people do not have funeral covers yet we suggest that they do it as soon as possible, because life is too short and Tuxblak Funeral Services will come to the rescue with affordable plans they can choose from. #TuxblakForThePeople #Rekaofela #MCMs with Val #Mzansi_Catch Up_Mondays with Valerie Contact details for Tuxblak Funeral Services Tel: +27740152076/+27120125825 Email: info@tuxblakfunerals.co.za/tshepo@tuxblakfunerals.co.za Website: Tuxblakfunerals.co.za Social media Facebook: Tuxblak Funeral Services


Nina Caked It! Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika 19 July 2021

Nina Caked it

Liria Menina Vilanculos is the face behind ‘Nina caked it’. The love for food stems from a loving environment, whereby her family spent most of their time in the kitchen. The inspiration grew enormously when she challenged herself by making quick treats and receiving compliments from her family and friends, and she could not stop licking her fingers whilst preparing the meals. From a tender age Menina knew what she was destined to be in the future… ‘’being a chef obviously’’ (giggles). ‘‘Nina caked it’’ was operational from March in 2018 when a friend asked Menina politely to bake a cake and cupcakes for his younger sister, and they had a consensus that Nina would be compensated for her hard work which gave Miss Vilanculos the extra push to start a cake business in order for her to reach her full potential. According to our cake expert a single cake should take 4 hours to complete, but due to the lack of resources (which will be available soon since the business is in the process of expansion). Nina completes a single cake in 8-10 hours which depends on the size and design which the customer has requested for once the deposit has been paid up. Obstacles were encountered during the pandemic, because the target market comprises of individuals who are currently unemployed. Gatherings such as weddings and parties are prohibited, therefore people might not need well decorated cakes, and as the situation gets worsened due to the loss of jobs people have decided to start selling cakes at home at affordable prices to earn a living which makes Menina their rival in the cake business. The business was evaluated and there is a need for improvement in terms of getting a spacious workplace with a gigantic oven and glass display for cakes and other foods which fall under the pastry category which will be sold every single day. The ultimate goal for Miss Vilanculos is having the ability to re-tell positive stories to her potential customers through customised baked products by assisting them to express the way they feel about her sweet treats. What makes ‘Nina caked it’ unique is the name, because all the cakes which have been baked so far have distinguished stories (so much love and passion goes into each and every cake). ‘Nina’ personally feels as if cakes symbolise growth and representation of different personalities. Learning how to bake cakes was a fun process. An interesting fact is that Miss Vilanculos studied Professional Cookery and Kitchen Management at the International Hotel School (IHS) after high school where she learnt how to be ‘hands on’ by conquering extreme pressure in a heated kitchen for her practicals. To add on the experience Nina watches a lot of videos online to get more inspiration because modern cakes always have a twist every now and then which fascinates her and she strives to improve her creative skills, and lastly Menina received outstanding support from her mother who taught her how to hold a whisk, grease a pan and gave her a few tips on how to make her cakes unique for instance. The advice given to anyone who would like to open a confectionery one day is that ‘‘there is no greater force than passion, all you need is passion for what you want to do and the rest will be directed by the force of that passion’’. Facebook: Bites_delight1 Website link for orders: https://nina-cakedit.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral

savanna theme cake


Tembisa’s Rapping ‘Bee’ Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika 12 July 2021

Snazzy B

Snazzy B is a well-known artist and songwriter born and bred in Tembisa. According to Bulelani Christopher Xokiso music has always been a part of his entire life. A few people might recall Bulelani as one of the former members of the rap group named ‘‘Veneration’’ back in the olden days. Bulelani started writing his own lyrics in 2008, but did not record any songs until the year 2009. There is an intended message behind every written song, and for Mr Xokiso all his songs are based on his personal life experiences as a simple guy living in the township plus the personal life experiences of other people within his society not forgetting the events which occur in his area which have had a positive impact on his writing skills.
When asked which song will always be his favourite it was hard for Bulelani to make a decision since he has released plenty songs, but he finally chose the single ‘Speed’ which he released recently, and the decision was based on the fact that the song is a different style of rap, has melody and it has a positive message. In the future the first rapper Bulelani would like to collaborate with is K.O, because he was inspired by his vernacular rap and as a result Bulelani listened to a lot of his songs when he started his journey, and the second rapper has to be Emtee who writes songs which focus on personal life experiences which correlates with ideas of Bulelani’s songs.
Inspiration is often seen as an imperative factor in the music industry, surprisingly in Bulelani’s case he was inspired by rappers who became business men later on in their lives such as Jay Z, Dr Dre and the late Prokid to name a few. There is no journey an individual can embark on without facing any obstacles, and unfortunately for Mr Xokiso as an upcoming artist he has mentioned that it is quite difficult to get your songs aired on radio stations if you are not signed to any record label. Luckily, Mr Xokiso explained the obstacles such as financial problems in relation to having adequate funds for music videos, and releasing songs. As a natural born writer Snazzy B writes all the lyrics for his songs which might be one of the reasons why his fans are madly in love with his music which is authentic.
Snazzy B is working towards his long-term goal of having his own record label as the first signed artist. With his long-term goal Bulelani hopes to transition the lives of future upcoming artists with his acquired knowledge of music by giving back to the very same community that has supported him until today. Bulelani’s final words of encouragement for any upcoming artists, and I quote ‘‘they should put in the work, do their research in terms of the industry, and if this is really what they want then they should not let any possible borders which will stop them from reaching their goal’’.
To sum up the intended message of the entire article from what Bulelani has mentioned when the interview took place, in life you have to go through all the stages to achieve anything and put in the work every day, because shortcuts will obviously delay the process. Social media handles:- Instagram or Twitter: @IamSnazZyB Live streams of the songs available here:- Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2jQdYXea8nvCmKQagnmFxw?nd=1 YouTubeChannel: https://youtube.com/c/SnazzyB