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Studies have shown that a car purchase is a reflection of the buyer’s personality. Although the buyer makes a subconscious decision, the purchasing process is linked to the person’s conditioning, background and status.
Most drivers never contemplated the motivation for their purchase since they were content with choosing what they deemed to be the right choice. So, how does the driver know if he or she has made the right choice in vehicles? The obvious answer is that drivers know what they like but have never questioned the origin of their affinity for a particular vehicle.
A dirty car can often be perceived as a manifestation of your mental state. If the message your car portrays is a mess, it tells everyone that you are disorganised, scattered and don’t care about health and cleanliness. To make a good impression, make sure your car is clean at all times. The interesting information that researchers discovered about drivers and their cars is pinpointing what colour they liked and the food they enjoyed. Researchers who analysed GM and Chevy drivers concluded that they enjoy steak and eggs.
Well, they’re not the only ones. Furthermore, the research indicated that drivers of those cars feel they are mechanically inclined and find great joy in being in their garage. Maybe, they spend a lot of time in the garage due to the excessive repairs required for those vehicles. If you don’t seek adventure, you’ll never reap the rewards. Nobody knows that better than entrepreneurs. They are the ones who employ, lead and receive the rewards. Owning a lavish red vehicle means that you’ve paid the price to ride around in a car that costs a few hundred thousand dollars.
The only way to make that kind of money is by taking financial risks. Also, drivers of sports cars get attention from the police and criminals. The police are prone to giving sports cars tickets, and criminals will target your lavish vehicle. Drivers who are family orientated can’t resist placing stick-figure family stickers on their cars. Safety experts stated that this is dangerous, as criminals use that information to target drivers and their children. It’s a way of establishing your place in the social hierarchy, declaring your status, and showing others you’re superior to their families. Most road users don’t like BMW drivers. A survey conducted amongst drivers indicated that most people believe that BMW drivers are arrogant and think they know more than others.

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That makes a lot of sense since most BMW drivers are professionals who regard themselves to be intelligent.
The research on BMW drivers also indicated that most were under 30 years old and employed as an accountant or an architect. BMW drivers feel that foreign-made cars are of high quality.
Drivers who are fortunate to own a Mercedes Benz don’t only experience the luxury and the reliability of the vehicles; they also place a lot of emphasis on staying fit and active.
Most Mercedes Benz drivers are Gen Z’s or Baby Boomers. Their hobbies include playing golf and the stock market, according to Men’s Health. Mercedes drivers also enjoy exotic food and buy groceries at Whole Foods. The research revealed that most Mercedes drivers gravitate toward premium products and services.
One of the main attractions of purchasing a Toyota is the reliability and the great fuel economy that the car provides. Studies indicate that drivers who purchased a Toyota are the ones who like to play it safe. The other characteristic that the survey discovered is that most Toyota drivers are frugal.
That makes sense, as Toyota drivers don’t spend much money at the gas station and the repair shop. Toyota drivers are also on the fence about other car brands. Toyota’s mediocre performance is another confirmation about its desire to play it safe.

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