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Valerie Mmanthe Mampshika,[Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English].

In the first year of being a psychology student we learn that psychology is the scientific study of mental processes and behaviour of individuals.

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Funny enough,most theorists used animals in their experiments to prove why individuals act,think and behave in a certain way in society,but some individuals do not know the concept of animal psychology.

Animal psychology is a scientific field which focuses on the mental health and behaviour of non-human animals to diagnose animal disorders. Animal psychology comprises of practice and theory.

 In academic research, animal psychologists monitor the interaction which occurs in the space of various animals, in addition to their habitats and their interaction with humans. In practice, they observe animals and promote animal welfare in zoos, animal parks and nature reserves.

The steps for getting a job as an animal psychologist, in particular are:

Step 1:Individuals should pass science and mathematics in secondary school (also known as college in other states) and volunteer to work in veterinary clinics. 

Step 2:Individuals should earn a four-year degree from an accredited psychology, animal science or biology program to give them a wide variety of job options in this field,and they should apply for internships in their final year as undergraduate students. 

Step 3:Individuals should then complete a master’s degree program to give them even more advanced knowledge in this field which will enable them to specialise within a research and practice-based framework… keep in mind that there is a minimum requirement of marks for individuals to qualify for their Masters. 

Step 4:Individuals should then apply for a Ph.D. to acquire more depth in animal psychology which will enable them to learn the adaptive and evolutionary aspects of animal behaviour in various specialised areas. 

Step 5:For the final stage individuals then need to earn a professional certificate or license which will enable them to conduct studies on animals.

Those who are weak in semantics in relation to doing subjects or modules related to theory which requires a lot of reading are not encouraged to apply for the course. 



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#Mid-Week Catch_Up with Val M

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